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Run to Win America will then give a substantial portion of the proceeds generated from the runs to this year's focus charity organization, Project Hope Worldwide. This organization has provided an orphanage in Uganda to needy children, many of whom are victims of the LRA massacres over the last few decades. Project Hope Worldwide has done a tremendous job of maximizing its resources for the direct benefit of over 65 orphans in Uganda, with some eye-watering success stories in a very short period of time. We invite you to visit their site, learn more about them, and consider supporting them on a personal level by sponsoring a child for only $17/month. There are thousands of needy children in Uganda and with your help, Project Hope Worldwide will continue to make a difference in as many of their lives as is physically possible.

In 2014, Run to Win America will expand its charitable support to have one nationally sponsored charity, and then also sponsor one charity from each of the 50 states.